Hey, I'm Jerred Rogero

About Me

As a self-taught developer, I’ve always enjoyed technology and the challenging process of  learning new skills. I continually strive to improve myself and to help those around me in the process. I love solving hard problems and working with people smarter than myself. I am seeking an opportunity to break into a new industry and build some cool things the process.


Delon Musk

A python script that uses the Twitter API and a Robinhood API to stream Elon Musk's tweets and if any of them contain the word "Doge", it buys $20 of $DOGE on Robinhood.

Auto Order

Automated internal orders at my current job. Form submission were exported to a google sheet that this script was hooked up to through the google sheet API. Selenium goes through the order details and adds them to the cart. Then fills in the shipping info with the submissions from the google sheet.

Quant Trading

This is a script I wrote using a Robinhood API to practice nested loops and APIs. It buys a certain amount of crypto and then depending on the price fluctuation will sell to take profits or trigger the stoploss. Then it enters another loop and will buy back in at the right price and repeat the process.