Ideas are Garbage, Execution is Everything

I’m not sure if it’s a personality type or something everyone does, but am I the only one that thinks to himself, “That would be cool.” a billion times a day?

Here’s what I’ve been learning recently. You could think of a cure for cancer, how to harness dark matter, or a way to fly from NYC to Heathrow in under 20 minutes. You can write out the blueprints, draw up a business plan, and even start telling people what you’re about to achieve, but if you never execute, none of it really matters.

A large portion of my life is spent thinking of ideas and ways to better humanity which sounds awesome and all, but who cares if none of them ever some to fruition?

Here’s the thing. Ideas are easy. They’re a dime a dozen. Any middle schooler with a laptop could think of a way to make money online, but they don’t. Why? Because actually doing something, the execution, is what really matters. It’s the part with the most amount of risk, the largest chance of success, and where you’ll learn the most valuable lessons.

Here’s what you should do now. Like actually do. Not “Oh that’s nice, I’ll just do it in my head.” Open up Evernote, take out a piece of paper, and write down 10 ideas you could achieve in 2017. 10 ways to make money, funnel your creativity, or to just do something worthwhile.

Then here’s the kicker. Pick one and actually do it. Even if it’s something small, execute. Because why not? It beats going through the same routine day after day.