9 Reasons Why Mondays Aren't As Bad As They Seem

For a while now I’ve been around people who live for the workweek. People who actually like waking up on Monday and up until recently it seemed like the dumbest perspective to have, but now I think it’s the only perspective we should have. Below I list (in no specific order) 10 reason why Mondays are something to look forward to.

Here ya go:

  1. Chick-fil-a.

If you are blessed to live around the greatest fast food restaurant in the States, you’ve at one point or another had the craving on Sunday for some Chick-fil-a and much to your dismay you realize they’re closed. But something special happens on Mondays. Not only are they open, but they will be open for the next 6 days and that is something to be praised.

2. Stock market.

If you’re at all into buying and selling stocks or just like researching business news, Mondays are the best. Because just like Chick-fil-a, for the next 5 days you can do just that. And you’ll find yourself on Saturday and Sunday not knowing what else to do on your computer.

3. Spotify discover.

If you don’t have Spotify just skip this point, but if you do you know how great it is to realize that a whole playlist of uncharted music awaits you on Monday morning.

4. Monday night football

Jk I don’t watch football

5. Fat loss.

Did you know that out of every day of the week, Americans lose the most weight on Mondays? Well neither did I and to be honest I don’t even know if that fact is accurate, but I found this book in a google search: https://www.amazon.com/Loss-Happens-Monday-Josh-Hillis/dp/1931046549

6. Places are open.

I don’t know about you, but it seems like most places I go to close way too early on the weekends. My gym closes at 8 on the weekend when it’s typically open till 11 and frankly I think that’s stupid. In addition banks, post offices, and coffee shops close at the most inconvenient times on Saturday and Sunday.

7. People are working.

People go back to work on Monday and that means emails get returned, you now don’t have to feel bad about calling someone about work, and stuff just gets done. Plus seeing other people being productive makes me productive so that’s always good.

8. No excuses.

On Monday you don’t have an excuse not to get stuff done. On Sunday it’s much easier to take a nap in the afternoon “because it’s Sunday”, but on Monday it’s just being lazy.

9. 71% of your life will be spent on days like Monday.

I know I said these points weren’t in any particular order, but I saved the most important for last. A little over 71% of your life you will wake up on days like Mondays where you have the choice to complain about the day ahead or you can grab hold of it. The idea of spending your work week looking forward to the two days after it is flat out stupid to me.

If you’re going to spend 70% of your life dreaming about the other 30% you should change how you are living that 70%, because you don’t get it back.