Failure is an Option

My senior year of high school I had this constant desire to start something. Anything really. I would talk to friends that had similar desires, but we all had one thing in common. We hated the idea of failing and wasting precious time and resources. This is a valid fear, no one likes wasting resources you can’t get back.

Finally, as graduation came closer and closer, I realized that I still had nothing to show for this desire.

At the time I had been fixing iPhones for friends and friends-of-friends so I thought, there’s an idea, that’s what I’ll start. So me and a buddy put our heads together and started Athens Screen Repair. As of today we have a Facebook page with over 100 likes, overall 5/5 star reviews, constant return and word-of-mouth customers, and a website that we’ll be rolling out very soon. All things that didn’t exist until we acted on that one desire.

This may seem like a small thing, but at 19 it’s pretty cool to make your own income.

I share this to say that all of life is one big fork in the road. On the left you stay in your comfort zone and do nothing. This is a safe option and can sometimes be the right option. On the right is the risky choice. The one where you can fail and lose, but also the one where you can succeed and gain.

Too many times we choose the left road, the safe road where nothing changes. When we choose this road, failure is not an option. When we choose the other road failure, loss, and hitting rock bottom can all happen.

You know that famous Yoda quote?

Luke: All right, I’ll give it a try. Yoda: No! Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.

We live our everyday life like Yoda tells us to. We either do something or we don’t, but we seem to never just try stuff. We are too afraid of looking stupid or losing money and time. We never think about the positive outcomes of our leap-of-faith.

Here’s a podcast I listened too recently that expresses this idea:

Here’s a 5 minute version of that:

One of the things Lewis Howes says is “If you stay comfortable the rest of this day you will probably stay comfortable the rest of your life.” I took this literally and made a personal challenge with myself. To do something out of my comfort zone everyday. Sometimes this is a small thing like engaging in a conversation with a stranger when all I wanna do is listen to Spotify in this coffee shop. Other times it’s big like starting something that will impact the rest of my life or cold calling a company asking for a job.

What I want from this post is to inspire you to just try stuff. Start that business, email that company, go on that date, put content out there, make that funny comment, go on that trip, just down the highway or across the ocean.