My Top 3 Skills

Here is a list of what I believe to be my top three skills:


I like starting stuff. Whether it’s something as big as a business or as small as starting a new book, I enjoy embarking on something new. I started a phone repair company in high school because I noticed how inconvenient repair shops were. You have to take time out of your busy day to drop the broken item off and then sit there while it’s being repaired. I started by making a facebook page from scratch and brought it to over 150 likes while maintaining a 5 star page rating. 

The inconvenience of regular repair stores led me to start a mobile repair shop, where you can continue on with your day while your phone was being fixed. That was our biggest selling point! We would meet at doctor’s offices, sororities, coffee shops, and even do some house calls for single mothers. I loved everything that came with starting a business. The marketing, the sales, and interacting with the customer.


“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” 

― Winston Churchill

I’ve always known that you must have a plan in order to accomplish anything in life. I also know that your plans are usually scrapped and when that happens, only the adaptable are able to move forward. 

This past summer I led a team of college students to three different cities to work with a non-profit. Each day I was in charge of getting students from point A to point B, handling itineraries, and communicating objectives to the rest of the team. I took the time beforehand to meet, plan, and prepare for the next two months. However, about a month before our flight I had one person drop out and another who wasn’t able to come. When we arrived in Boston, I learned that our housing situation was not at all what we had planned for. We were unable to have A/C units (regardless of the 90-degree weather), we had no refrigerator to store food, or kitchen to cook in. I planned to have all three of these things because this is what I was told we would have. When I learned otherwise, I had to adapt. We found a mini fridge on craigslist, bought a cheap skillet from Target, and purchased box fans. It wasn't perfect, but it was much better than just accepting our current situation.

I was in my element that summer because I love finding alternate solutions and adapting to problems!


I’ve always enjoyed creating compelling content. I’ve created logos, websites (like the one you're reading this on), wedding videos, and even t-shirts. I like to have an idea in my head and working with a program or team of people to bring it to fruition. Some of my favorite times are taking a hard drive of footage and experimenting with Adobe Premiere to piece clips together and making a video worth watching.  

I enjoy combining creativity with problem solving. Like brainstorming sessions where nothing is off the table. Meetings where you have free reign to come up with ideas and out-of-the-box solutions. We often did this when starting our mobile repair business. We printed out coupons and went to our near university and put them in strategic places like locker rooms, mail cubbies, and even bathrooms. It was a simple idea, but it led to a big percentage of sales that month.