Day 2 - The Best Career Advice I Received in My 20s

Here it is, you ready? Close your eyes until you’re 29. Here’s what I’m talking about *language warning*


What is he talking about? He’s saying stop looking up, stop looking around and comparing yourself to your peers. Put your head down and work. Give up on getting your dream job in your 20s. Give up on moving up the corporate ladder in your 20s. Tell yourself it’s not going to happen. 


What’s funny is if you apply this principle you’ll most likely achieve what you’re trying to achieve before you turn 29. 


Every college graduate thinks they’ll get their dream job straight out of college and the majority of them don’t. I think the reason most graduates don’t get that dream job is that they’re too busy looking around, comparing, and turning their nose up at perfectly good jobs that they could crush. Or they do accept a job but are too busy wishing they were where their friends are at in life that they become mediocre at that job and that’s why they’ll be there for the next 30 years.


Be smart. Take a job that lines up with your career goals, crush it, and if another opportunity comes along that lines up more with your goals, grab it and crush that one too. Just don’t take a job and be average at it because you spent your whole time there wishing you were somewhere else.