Day 3 - Fall In Love With the Process

One of the best things I’ve learned from working out is to love the process not the results.



It’s also the biggest thing I’ve learned from the guy in the video of my last post, Gary Vaynerchuk. If you know anything about him you know that he loves the New York Jets and his goal is to buy them one day. However, he makes it abundantly clear that his happiness isn't in finally buying the team, but in the work it takes to get there.


Here’s a video explaining this more. It really is the ultimate advice for twentysomethings. 

Working out and exercise are great examples of this. Have you ever wondered why the guy at the gym who is beyond ripped still goes to the gym? It’s because he fell in love with the process of getting ripped, not the end goal.


This is a great habit for everything. If you just workout for the end result, you’ll either quit when you don’t see results fast enough or you’ll stop when you reach your goal and fall right back to where you started.


What is your goal right now? Is it to graduate, lose/gain weight, or find a stable job? In all of these things fall in love with the actual work and grind of getting there, not the completed destination. You'll be able to take setbacks better, create an unmachable work ethic, and you might even reach your goal sooner than you think.