3 Employees Who Deserve a Raise

Today I want to talk about three employees who work in my city that deserve a raise. These people are what Seth Godin would refer to as "linchpins". Without them, the entire work environment would look different.

1. Dude who works at QT.

This guy is crazy. You walk in the store and he welcomes you. You leave the store and he tells you goodbye. Without fail. You buy any common item and he's already calculated the total in his head, including tax. I've even seen him work two cash registers at once. This man is no myth, he's a hero. 

2. Guy who works at the post office. 

Similar to QT guy, he always welcomes and says goodbye. He's patient with the idiots. He even let me know that I was paying too much for something and that they have another option if I just let him know next time.

During one visit I had to drop off a package that had already been paid. I just needed a label to write the address on. Despite that he was helping someone else, he somehow knew what I was looking for and pointed me in the right direction.

3. My business law professor

First day of drop-add week I knew this guy was different. He explained to us that we were paying for college and he was getting paid to teach, therefore we were the customers. Finally, a professor that get's it! He went on the explain that if we wanted to come late we could, if we wanted to leave early we could. If we had good tickets to something on a test day we just had to let him know and he'd work it out. My favorite part was that he let us text him throughout the week with any law questions we had. Both for homework and for life in general. He constantly told us interesting stories of his law days and former students who would still call him with problems they had.

Now it wasn't an easy class. But he was always willing to help, explain something twice, and work with us. His tests were hard, but I learned a lot that semester and realized if I every taught a college course, that's how I'd do it.

These three people are living examples of Seth Godin's book "Linchpin". They show that no matter where you work, whether a gas station or a college, every employee should strive to change that environment he or she is working in, making the most of your "boring" job.