Day 20 - Advice To High School Me

If I could tell freshman me one thing it would be this: Change your perspective. 




The biggest trend I see among high school culture is a focus on only those four years and nothing else. It seems like everyone had their heads down in high school. Every bit of drama feels like it affects the entire planet, every social event is make or break for your identity, and you think everyone around will be with you for life. 


I wish freshman me realized that the entire world was not just my county and that there’s so much more to life than what’s currently happening and what will happen in the next 4 years. 


I was talking to a friend the other day who actually went to a public school for high school, so obviously I took notes, and he started laughing at how scared he was at getting in trouble in high school. Like he thought his life would be over if he skipped class and got caught. As if it would affect his entire career from that point on. 


If you’ve already graduated high school something happens in your mind that happens with each season of life. You tuck that season away in your mind as “high school” and it all blurs together. However, when you’re in it, it feels like life or death. Maybe there’s something to learn here about life in general. I don’t know.


So to those that are currently in high school, just remember these 4 years are gonna be mushed together in your mind just a few years after you graduate. Maybe don’t take them so seriously. Work hard so you're set up for success when you do graduate. Learn as much as you can, and not just about math and English, but real-world things.

You know like the stuff that actually matters like finance, investing, how to buy or lease a car, insurance, budgeting, how credit cards work, how to change a flat, how the airport works, how credit scores work, the process of buying a house, how to cook and clean.


You know like the stuff that actually is life or death. The stuff not taught in our mandatory educations. Thanks Obama


The truth is I’m jealous of high school me or any high schooler really. They have so much time and they don’t even realize it. And the time you had in high school isn’t more or less valuable than the time you have now. In fact, it may even be more valuable because you can invest it now and reap the benefits longer than I currently can. 


So focus on the macro, on the next 50 years of your life. Learn a ton now, read. Focus on the stuff that will help you in the next twenty years and not on whether or not you’ll have a date to prom. 



And wear your retainer! And sunscreen too! Now get off my lawn!