Day 12 - My Top 5 Favorite Ways To Explore a New City

Cities. If you don’t know much about me, congrats you’re probably doing yourself a favor, but if you do you know that I love cities. I mean the fact that stuff is open past 10 pm is extraordinary in-and-of-itself. Not to mention the food, culture, music, tech, the energy of the people, constant stuff to do (Why do people use the phrase “not to mention” when it clearly follows with them mentioning something?). But if you’ve never been to a city before, how do you learn about all these amazing things at your disposal? Well, I’ll give you my top five favorite ways to explore a new city.


1. Running


If you hate running you’re at a loss, but maybe you can change this to just walking around. My absolute favorite thing to do in a new city is to put on my running shoes, my headphones in, and then just aimlessly run. Most cities are only a few miles wide so if you can physically run 3-6 miles you’ll be able to cover any city in a super small amount of time. Just run around and see where the streets take you.


2. Longboarding/Penny boarding


Also if you hate running and are somewhat coordinated, an alternative is to skate around. Most cities have bike lanes so just hope in one on your board and start cruising. You can cover way more ground than running, and all it cost you is not being able to use your right or left leg the next morning!


3. Yelp/Google Maps


As far as food goes I make it a point to at least visit the number one rated food spot on Yelp in that city. I gotta see what all the hype is about. I’ve never been disappointed. At the very least I felt “eh” and it only cost me $200.


4. Lyft


Obviously having a car in a city is better for exploring, but who wants to worry about parking all the time? There’s a different feeling I get from a city when I ride around in a car vs when I walk or run around in it. Most roads let you see parts of the city you couldn’t see from just walking around.


5. A Friend


This might be the hardest one to achieve (having friends). But if you have a connection in a city, no one knows cities like the locals. Usually, they can give you tips on really cool stuff to do and stuff that’s overhyped and just a tourist trap. Also great for places to crash and cars to borrow!

That's all I got. If know of better ways, leave a comment with it!