Day 15 - Two Things I'll Never Tire Of

Currently sitting in the Austin airport and I’m reminded of two things I will never tire of: planes taking off and airports. There's something about a 730,000-pound piece of metal lift off the ground and coast into the cloud that I’ll never not be amazed at. Why would I? That sounds incredible!

This is also why I never take an aisle seat if I can help it. How often do you have the chance to be 10,000ft in the air and not die?

“Every day” -Clark Kent. No one asked you, Clark.


The other thing I’ll never get tired of is just being in an airport. There’s no other place where so many people are going to so many different parts of the earth. He’s going to Asia for business, she’s going to New York for an interview, he thinks he’s at the fair but is in for a rude awakening, they’re about to start their honeymoon.

It’s just the idea of people actually doing things that I enjoy. Well, that and the melancholy spirit of everything having a beginning and an end. Weird stuff.

Do you ever feel stagnant? Well, the airport will cure that. You, unfortunately, can’t bottle the energy of an airport up, but you can surround yourself with people who have the same energy.

What's the saying? You’re the average of the five people you hang out with most. Who do you hang out with? Are they the cumulative average of the person you want to be?