Ever since I was little I’ve always asked the question “Why?”. In high school I asked this question to Apple when I learned it would cost over $200 to repair my phone screen. When I wasn’t satisfied with, “Well that’s just what it cost.” I went home, ordered the part, and repaired it by watching Youtube tutorials. Which led to this company.  


I enjoy creating things too (photos, videos, podcast, and articles). I remember buying my first DSLR, going outside and photographing…everything. And then messing around with those photos in Photoshop. Which led to making videos in Adobe Premiere and then documenting everything I could. Like my sister’s wedding.


I really enjoy applying these two things to business.


A few of my other interests:

  • Soccer (MLS/EPL)
  • Coffee
  • Indie and electronic music
  • Technology
  • Reading
  • Fitness
  • Science Fiction
I have known Jerred both personally and professionally for a number of years. Jerred worked for me for about two years. In that time I found him to be very resourceful, dependable and trustworthy. Jerred possesses a tremendous skill, listening. I believe this is a huge part of his skill set and what makes him unique to a team. He has an ability to gather information and then interject very well thought out dialogue to a situation. He is not afraid to think outside the box (opportunities, strategy) and willing to try to figure most things out (machinery and technology). He will be an asset to any organization he is associated with.

Mike Cain
President of Millstone Homes Inc.